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milletpepper Spades Q Makeup Sponge Latex-Free with High Quality


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SOFT AND BOUNCY TOUCH: The makeup sponge is pretty soft, it doesn't soak up a lot of product since it's so compact, it expands when wet, leaves you with very full coverage. Latex-Free
FULL AND EVEN COVERAGE: The round side is great for allover application, and the slanted edge lends a helping hand to contouring and shaping. The makeup sponge gives an even, flawless finish with full coverage, perfect for applying Foundation Concealer Powder
DRY-WET DOUL USE: The sponge can be used dry for powders, which delivered a blinding highlight. It also can be used wet with creams and liquids, which gave a more natural, lit-from-within look
WARM TIPS: Clean 1-2 times per weeks, and replace your sponge every month(depending on frequency of use). Store in dry place, avoid the growth of bacteria

How to clean the makeup sponge?
1.Wash with professional powder puff cleanser rinse thoroughly with warm water
2.Let air dry before your next use.

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