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About us

About milletpepper

Born with professional make-up gene
Professional make-up artist, Create true color
Professional make-up artist ‒ color selection
Born for true personal color

The choice of make-up is the same as the personal playlist, which shows the attitude to
the human being as well as builds up a part of self, therefore a series of Soundwave is our
first product concept. A series of Soundwave is inspired by the music genre, developing a
series of distinctive make-up product, so as to create more possibilities for beauty.

Every girl has their own unique beauty, and this beauty should not be bound by rules and
trends. milletpepper hopes to show a concept of "Enjoy yourself, Innovation, Make progress"
through high-quality beauty products from milletpepper, in order to making women from
all over the world could discover that unique beauty.

milletpepper is born of its own typical personality, comes with professional circumstances,
which are professional make-up organization, color matching personality and practicability.
Moreover, milletpepper selects international factories to produce high-quality with beautiful
package beauty items. Our vision is to create Chinese professional global make-up brand.

Our Story
Each girl in her 20s is unique,
She might go to school or get a job.
She sticks with herself, breaks rules and displays individuality.
She is keen on breaking boundaries and expressing herself.
She follows the fashion but never just go with it.
Young as she, yet she switches between multiple characters and scenarios.
Confident as she, she never flinch from danger.
She plays new roles, OL/ Entrepreneur/ Graduate student.
She copes dynamic scenarios, Workplace/ Dinner/ Meeting.
Her multivariant and multi-faceted talent makes her the unique GENTLEWOMEN
milletpepper Cosmetics, this is her secret of constant changing.ging.